How to Keep Cool in a Suit

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Heat and humidity are no excuse for not looking your best. By dressing smarter instead of dressing down, you can keep cool in a suit all summer long. Choose fabrics, styles and accessories to keep the heat away from your body, so you can maintain your professional look even when the temperatures rise.

Step 1

Choose suits in a lightweight material, such as cotton, linen or seersucker. Stylish materials like these are breathable and comfortable, but may also wrinkle. Shop for a lightweight worsted wool blend, which keeps wrinkles at bay while still giving you the high-comfort breathability you need.

Step 2

Avoid lined jackets in favor of half-lined, quarter-lined or completely unlined pieces. Although minimal lining lends to a less-structured style and potentially more wrinkles, it eliminates layers and helps you stay cool.

Step 3

Choose light colors, such as light gray, blue, khaki and pastels, because they absorb less heat. Avoid black and dark gray suits during the warmer months of the year.

Step 4

Slip into laceless loafers, which cover less of your feet than lace-up styles.

Step 5

Lighten up your accessories, especially your necktie. Light-fabric neckties -- or even a bow tie -- are more comfortable than thick and heavy neckware. Unbutton your topmost shirt button until you get to where you're going, so your shirt is more breathable and you're cool on arrival.