Ideas for Memorial Day Flower Arrangements

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Planning an annual cookout for Memorial Day brings your family and friends together and gives you an opportunity to brighten your home with flowers. Flowers also help you celebrate the military service of a loved one who has passed away or those you plan to see on Memorial Day. Use flowers to show your love and respect for the veterans in your life.

Indoor Flowers

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Dressing up your house for a Memorial Day get-together doesn't have to mean covering it in bunting. Instead, use flowers to showcase your patriotism with class and color. While it's easy to find a wide selection of red and white flowers, blue choices are a bit more limited. Mix red and white flowers such as roses and lilies with tall blue delphinium, short blue statice or fluffy blue hydrangea blooms. Because the flowers are protected from the elements in your home, oversized arrangements help set the tone. For example, place large urn arrangements on each side of the door, and fill a tall cylinder vase with long, dramatic flowers such as gladiolus. Mix and match the colors, such as using a blue vase filled with red roses or a red vase of white carnations. Adding a small flag to any arrangement helps mark it instantly as patriotic.

Outdoor Flowers

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When your party extends into your outdoor living space, keep the red, white and blue theme going with arrangements suitable for outdoors. These must withstand the sun, wind and warm temperatures without fading. Stick to hardy flowers such as carnations and daisies when possible, making them low with wide containers instead of tall and thin. Tall arrangements typically blow over easily. Tie single red, white or blue flowers around napkins for quick and easy napkin rings that fit with the theme.

Flowers to Wear

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Corsages and boutonnieres add to the festive atmosphere of Memorial Day celebrations while giving you and your guests a way to remember their favorite veterans. Use red, white and blue flowers for the wearable arrangements, dressing them up with patriotic ribbon, tiny flags or white stars. For veterans attending the party, make special corsages or boutonnieres that make them instantly recognizable. Provide extra ribbon and paint pens for people who want to add the names of veterans to their corsages or boutonnieres.

Graveside Flowers

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Although it's a become a day for families and friends to gather to celebrate the start of summer, Memorial Day remains a somber holiday. Decorate the graves of veterans with flowers for Memorial Day. These flowers can be as simple as a wrapped bouquet of red, white and blue flowers laid in front of the headstone or as elaborate as a large, patriotic wreath placed by the grave. For a lasting tribute, put a tombstone saddle made of silk flowers on top of the headstone. Smaller silk flower arrangements placed on the grave provide months of decoration following the holiday.

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