Ideas for a Joint Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

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Several modern couples are opting to join their bachelor and bachelorette parties and celebrate together. This is an especially great idea if the bride is friends with the groomsmen, and if the groom is friendly with the bridesmaids. Instead of celebrating separately, you can all party together for one last bash before the bride and groom take the plunge.


You’ll want to plan a party that will be equally enjoyed by both men and women, and that the bride and groom will love as well. If the weather is warm, you can rent a boat and spend a day waterskiing or wakeboarding, and then cruise around the water in the evening, enjoying fun, games and food onboard.

If the couple is competitive, consider playing paintball or laser tag, or spending the day at a go-kart track. You can make the party as classy, rowdy or fun-filled as you want. Don’t rule out any ideas. Decide if you want to spend the evening at a fancy restaurant, throw back shots at your favorite watering hole or compete in a fast-paced sport.

Split Day

Consider having a separate morning activity and joining up in the evening. For example, if you want to make your bachelor/bachelorette parties last for an entire day, the ladies can spend a few hours in a spa while the men play golf. When the sun goes down, team up and head out to party at a club, dine at a fun restaurant or go to a concert.

Guest List

If you have a large wedding party, or would like to keep the bachelor/bachelorette party small, you can invite just your bridal party. If you’d like to celebrate with as many people as you can, you can also invite other close friends and family members.

Even though there really aren’t any etiquette guidelines to follow when making your bachelor/bachelorette party guest list, it’s best to stick with people who are in your age range. Inviting parents of the bride or groom may make the other guests somewhat uncomfortable.


Bachelor/bachelorette parties aren’t typically held the night before the wedding anymore. Instead, consider having it about a month before the big day. This will be a way for everyone to bond before schedules get even more hectic.

The bride and groom also won’t feel like they’re spending time on the town when they should really be getting last-minute details in order. Also, the bachelor/bachelorette party doesn’t have to be held at night. You can have a joint brunch or picnic instead.