How to Wear an Ankle Holster With Jeans

Law enforcement officials who work in the field may often prefer to have a back-up weapon. This helps ensure their safety in difficult situations, such as undercover assignments. An ankle holster can help provide back-up protection. It is also relatively easy to conceal a weapon at the ankle. The key to wearing jeans with an ankle holster is to select a pair of jeans that do not fit too tightly.

Decide on which ankle to strap your holster. If you are right-handed, you’ll want your holster on the inside of your left leg. If you are left-handed, strap the holster to the inside of your right leg. This will ensure quicker access to the weapon.

Select a proper weapon to wear with an ankle holster. Generally, law enforcement officers prefer to wear lighter, small frame weapons, especially when wearing jeans with an ankle holster. Choosing a larger weapon instead will add to the weight and bulkiness on your leg.

Select an appropriate type of jeans to wear with your ankle holster. You’ll need a pair that doesn’t fit too tightly. Flared jeans provide extra material to cover the holster and gun. However, excessively flared jeans may hamper your access to the gun because you’ll need to bypass excess jeans material. Some people may prefer boot-cut jeans, which have a smaller flare. You may need to try several different pairs of jeans to find the one that works best for you.