How to Wear a Polo Pancho

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A polo pancho is a versatile fashion accessory available in many stylish colors and patterns. It is useful to cover your head during harsh winter weather or to wear down over your chest and back to add extra warmth under your sweater, jacket or coat. Generally, a polo pancho is made of fleece that provides exceptional warmth to the wearer. It is machine washable and a handy accessory for all members of your family.

Underneath a Jacket

Hold the polo pancho up and locate the circular opening.

Slip the circular opening over your head so it rests comfortably around your neck. Fold the neck section down if it feels too bulky.

Position the long sections over your chest and back areas.

Slip on a jacket, sweater or coat over the polo pancho, which will add additional warmth. It will also be easy to remove if you get too warm.

Polo Pancho As a Hat

Hold up the polo pancho to locate the circular opening.

Fold the circular opening down to the area where the two seams split and then fold it down one more time.

Push the longest tail through the circular opening and flip it over so it rests at the back of your head.

Place the polo pancho onto your head so the long sections are at the back of your head and the circular opening rests on your forehead comfortably.