How to Style a Bridesmaid Dress After the Wedding

After the nuptials, most bridesmaid dresses get shoved into the back of a closet, never to be worn again. It’s a shame because, chances are, you spent a pretty penny on a high-quality dress. But you can rework a bridesmaid dress for a less formal occasion.

Try pairing a knee-length bridesmaid dress with a moto leather jacket and booties. The edgy jacket tones down the formal look. You could also try a pullover sweater or crop top layer for a fun party outfit without looking overdressed. A full tulle skirt might even be pleading with you to pull it out of your closet for a dinner date.

When it comes to full-length gowns, you can be visually deceptive by tying a chambray or button-down shirt around your waist. This works especially well if the dress material is chiffon or sheer. This layering immediately creates a more laid-back ensemble that you can wear for numerous occasions. An alternative to a button-down would be pairing a loose-fitting crew tee and flats with your dress. No one has to know you are wearing a bridesmaid gown. It is all about how you present it!

Satin can get a little trickier to work with so you can try a sheer skirt overlay to change it up and tone down the formal fabric. Another option is to use the dress for holiday parties by pairing it with a cashmere sweater or sharp blazer.

Would you try wearing a bridesmaid dress for another occasion? We’d love to hear!

Photo credits: Gabe Liesemeyer

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