How to Shape Brows With Brow Shapers

Eyebrows are a key part to the look of anyone's face, and grooming brows can be done in a few different ways using brow shaping tools. Whether choosing a makeup driven brow shaper or a waxing brow shaper product, either one will leave your eyebrows more groomed and defined.

Choose either a cold wax strip product or a hot wax strip product to groom the brows. Both products use paraffin or beeswax, lubricator and resin to remove unwanted hair. The only difference in the products is the temperature at which the wax is applied to the face. Hot wax is melted before it is applied and a piece of cloth is adhered to the warm wax, then pulled off to remove hair. Cold wax is already applied to a strip of paper when purchased. The removal process is the same.

Choose the best eyebrow shape for the face. Determine the most flattering shape by holding a pencil against the side of the nose vertically, so it extends past the brow line. Where the pencil hits the brow is where where the eyebrow should begin.

Hold the pencil at an angle, with one end against the nostril, so it goes diagonally across the center of the eye, with the other end toward the center of the eyebrow. Where the pencil crosses the brow line is where the arch of the brow should be located.

Continue to move the pencil at a more dramatic angle, still against the nostril, until it intersects with the outside edge of the brow line. This is where the brow should end. The three spots provide a good idea of how the brow should be shaped for the best finished product.

Consider the correct width of the eyebrows. Faces with bolder features can handle a heavier brow. More petite women can aim for a more delicate brow width.

Apply the strip to the brow, removing hair from areas that were outside of the guidelines set from taking the measurements.

For those who have sparse brows, or who have over-waxed or tweezed eyebrows, makeup shapers can re-build the look of a fuller eyebrow. Follow the same steps as above to measure the correct shape of the eyebrow.

Select a pencil or brow shaping product in a color flattering to the complexion and hair color.

Fill in the area where the brows should be using quick, upward strokes for a natural, realistic brow appearance.