How to Sew Decorative Beads on a Wedding Veil

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Making a wedding veil is not a difficult process. The techniques are quite straightforward, and a simple veil can easily be crafted with few supplies and materials. Whether you make your own veil or choose to embellish a ready-made veil, sewing decorative beads on a wedding veil is something that adds beautiful detail to a veil. You can sew the beads on randomly, or you can create a pattern and sew the beads on according to your design.

Spread the veil out smoothly onto a flat work surface. Take a small handful of the beads you wish to sew in your hand and sprinkle them randomly on the veil.

Thread the needle with a double length of thread and knot the end of the thread with an overhand knot.

Bring the needle up from the underside of the veil and insert it through the first bead.

Insert the needle back through the veil to the underside.

Tie a double overhand knot immediately under the bead on the underside of the veil.

Add a small dab of Fray Check to the knot and allow it to dry completely.

Snip the thread close to the knot when the Fray Check has dried.

Repeat Steps 3 through 7 to sew each bead to the veil. Clip the thread between each bead and reknot the end of the thread each time.

Reposition the veil if necessary, and sprinkle beads on it again to sew beads to the entire veil.

Design the pattern you want to create with beads on the veil.

Transfer your beading design onto white tissue paper with a pencil. Use the scale necessary to create an exact copy of your design.

Spread the veil onto a flat work surface, and determine the correct placement for the design.

Place the tissue paper pattern under the veil in the necessary position for design placement, and pin to secure. You could also hand-baste the tissue paper in place if desired.

Perform Steps 2 through 8 from the first section to sew the beads onto the veil. Sew the beads onto the veil through the tissue paper. You will remove the tissue paper in the final step.

Remove the tissue paper from the veil by carefully tearing it away from the underside of the veil to finish.