How to Remove Bonded Hair Extensions

Needing extra fullness and volume in your hair usually leads to quick fixes, namely getting extensions. If you only needed them for a special occasion, your hair was likely bonded in using weave glue. But how do you remove the extensions without harming your hair? Follow these tips to learn how to remove bonded hair weaves.

Pinpoint all of the tracks in your hair and separate them from the rest of the hair using a clip.

Using your finger to find the exact track, spray a very generous portion of oil sheen directly on the track, starting with the edge of the track first.

Check to see if the edge of the track is coming loose by gripping at the top with your index finger and thumb. The track will move if it is loosening.

Apply hair grease to the exposed natural hair. Take the edge of the track with your right hand and put your left hand on your natural hair under the extension. Begin to pull the track away from the hair by lifting up instead of sliding down.

Apply oil sheen to any spot that causes resistance. If you feel glue in the tough places, massage the glue piece with the grease, which should be used for tighter places only. Continue to move your hand along as the track distances itself from the hair.

Remove any excess bonding glue on the hair once the track is removed.. This can also be done by using sheen and grease. Any other bonding-removing hair product will also do the trick.

Shampoo the hair using cold water only, as warm water will allow the glue to re-melt and bond itself again. After you’ve shampooed and conditioned, use cold air from a hairdryer with a comb extension to remove any other stray pieces.