How to Properly Dispose of Razor Blades

Razor blades may be a godsend for shavers, but they are sharp and deadly devices if mishandled. Tossing a used razor blade away invites all kinds of disasters as it can easily cut someone who encounters it accidentally. Proper disposal of a razor blade is not only good citizenship but also a way to protect the environment and make sure that no harm comes to anyone.

Put a name badge down on a work surface. Draw a pirate's skull and cross bones on the badge with the black permanent ink felt tip pen. Draw a pirate's skull and cross bones on the second name badge.

Remove the backing from one of the name badges. Apply the sticky side of the name badge to one side of the coin bank. Remove the backing from the other name badge and apply it to the other side of the coin bank.

Put the coin bank in a corner of the bathroom's counter top.

Drop a used razor blade into the coin slot of the badge. Continue to drop used razor blades into the coin slot until the bank has been filled up.

Put the coin bank into a plastic bag and tie the top of the bag closed. Throw the plastic bag into the trash.