How to Pick up Italian Girls

Attracting a woman can be a difficult endeavor. Though most women enjoy receiving flowers, getting phone calls and a random email stating "thinking about you," every woman is different. Italian women, for example, tend to grow up with a large family and much attention. They eat well, work hard and expect the very best from their men.

Italian women compare their men to their fathers. The Italian father is the head of the household and any young Italian woman stacks her new beau up to her father. A great way to snag yourself an Italian girl is to get to know her family.

Impress her family. If you're invited for a large Sunday night dinner, bring a dessert or bottle of wine. Help her grandmother plate those delicious meatballs she's famous for. Offer to help clean up. Not only will you impress her extended family, your Italian bella will take note.

Look for a local gelato cafe. Gelato is a popular Italian ice cream, with many tantalizing flavors. If you live in an area with a gelato cafe, stroll in on a Friday or Saturday night. These are hotspots for groups of Italian women of all ages, and ones that enjoy eating and a good time at that.

Visit Italy. Know about the various geographic regions and taste the culinary treasures offered in her country. Italy is a land of beauty, culture and tradition. The more you know about her home, the closer you'll be to her heart.

Be headstrong. Italian girls like strong men that aren't afraid to show their true feelings at times. She needs to know you're reliable, say what you mean, and will always take care of her.

Have manners and wear a great outfit. Italian women are infamous for their beauty, natural charm and inherent fashion sense. Wear up-to-date styles and always get your hair cut. Shave. Wear cologne. You won't impress an Italian girl being sloppy.