How to Paint Bathing Suits

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Painting a bathing suit is one way to customize it. You can create a one-of-a-kind look that flatters your skin tone and body shape. Also, you can save money by altering an old bathing suit with paint instead of buying a new one. So if you have a skillful eye and steady hand, pull out a paint brush and create a bathing suit you’ll be proud to flaunt at the beach.

Create your design using Microsoft Paint. Make it bold for easy translation onto a T-shirt. Measure the size, so it is big enough or small enough for your bathing suit. Most people use 10x10 pixels for the average size bathing suit.

Print and save your design under monochrome bitmap. Print out your design with all of the colors in place. Then, save it. This will change the design to black and white. Also, the edges may blur. So work with Microsoft Paint to correct it.

Lay your image over your bathing suit. Is it the right size? Will the design look nice? Go back to Microsoft Paint and alter your image as necessary.

Cut a piece of nylon and place it over your embroidery hoop. Pull it tight. Enlist the help of a friend if you need to.

Place your embroidery hoop over the design. Trace it using a dressmaker's pencil. Make sure it’s visible. Your embroidery hoop should encompass the entire design.

Turn over your embroidery hoop. With a brush, paint glue around the borders of the design. This glue will not transfer to your bathing suit. It will only act as a border. After you finish painting on the glue, let it dry.

Place a wooden board inside your bathing suit. It will keep paint from transferring through from one side to another. It will also help keep your bathing suit flat and straight.

Paint your design. Use a medium-size brush. Be sure to do it in a well-ventilated area and on a flat surface. Then let it dry according to the instructions on the paint box.