How to Organize a Clothes Closet by Color

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Keeping your closet neat and organized can simplify your daily routine by allowing you to quickly select an outfit while you are rushing to get ready for work or school in the mornings. Arranging your clothing by color will improve the appearance of your closet and make it much easier to select the appropriate style and color of clothing. Before you begin, get rid of any clothing that doesn't fit, has stains or is in need of repair.

Remove all clothing from your closet. Sort through each item and separate pieces by type: shirts/tops, pants, skirts, dresses, sport coats/blazers, matching suits and neck wear (ties for men; scarves for women). Place items that do not fit into specific categories into a separate pile.

Check each item for rips, tears, stains or damage. Discard clothing that you cannot repair. Place clothing in need of repairs in a pile, but don't put them back into the closet until you've made the needed repairs. Remove any clothing that you can no longer wear.

Hang all tops or shirts on the pole inside your closet. If you have two poles in your closet, hang tops on the upper pole. Separate tops with long sleeves from tops with short sleeves. Arrange short-sleeved tops from left to right, starting with the lightest color and ending with the darkest color. Arrange long-sleeved tops in the same manner. Push the organized tops to the left side of the closet.

Hang pants, skirts, dresses, sport coats/blazers and matching suits in the same manner, working with one type of item at a time. If you have two poles in your closet, hang an entire group of similar clothing items on the same pole, if possible.

Organize your pile of other items in the closet by color. Move hangers on the pole or poles to leave as much room as possible between each piece.

Arrange shoes on the floor of the closet, grouping casual shoes and formal shoes together.

Organize sweaters and other accessories on shelving if your closet has shelves. Place folded sweaters on shelves, starting with the darker colors on the bottom of the pile.