How to Dress for a Volunteer Job Interview

Volunteering can be fun, exciting and enriching to the person who is lending a hand. There are many volunteer opportunities all around us. In some schools, volunteering is considered to be a required course. Even though you are going on a volunteer interview doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress appropriately.

Look the part. For starters, wear a professional hairstyle. You want to appear professional in every aspect. Women and young women should wear their hair neatly. Do not go to an interview with your hair all over your head. Comb your hair neatly and let it hang down your back or on your shoulders. A very professional look for women is to pull the hair back into a ponytail or into a bun. For men, be sure that you have a haircut and that your facial hair is neat as well.

Wear a business suit. An appropriate business suit for a volunteer job interview is always navy blue, dark grey or black. Dark suits reveal that you are professional and ready to work. Always ensure that your suit is ironed and clean. You should never go to any type of interview with wrinkled clothing. Even though you are not getting paid for the job monetarily, you never know who may give you a paying job through your volunteering efforts.

Dress professionally. In the event that you don’t have a business suit you can still look professional. Ladies, if you don’t have a suit you can wear black or navy blue pants or skirt. Be sure to wear skin-tone colored hosiery too. If you don’t like stockings, be certain that your legs have been shaved and are smooth and hydrated with lotion. Gentlemen, in the event that you don’t have a suit, you are in luck too. You can wear black or navy pants with a white shirt and tie. The tie should be the same color of your pants. Never wear a bright colored tie to an interview. If you do, you will be view as one who isn’t serious and unprofessional.

Leave your high heels and tennis shoes at home. When preparing for your volunteer interview you should choose shoes that are either flat or ones that have a 2 to 3 inch heel. Very high heel shoes should never be worn to a volunteer job interview. For males, never wear tennis shoes a volunteer job interview. Instead, wear a nice loafer or any dress shoe that is black or brown.

Limit your jewelry. This goes for men and women. Men, if you wear an earring, take them out for your interview. They may be cool in your personal world but it isn’t in the professional world. Women, wearing small studs or diamond earrings are best. Try to avoid large hoops or hanging earrings.