How to Dress for an Interview at Target

Target may be a fun department store for young professionals and families, but it’s also known for friendly employees and stylish clothing. Dressing professional, yet stylish, for a job interview at Target could help you show your seriousness about the position. It can prove you know about the store and its customer base. Target does bring in special designers to create lines that are affordable for their customers. Show that you can afford to dress nicely and professionally.

Dress professionally while showing your personality. Wear a professional jacket or suit jacket. Target often sells stylish jackets and dress bottoms that aren’t traditionally made. It costs less here than at some other stores. Pick one up at the store or somewhere else if the style fits you and your personality. Pair a dress jacket with a plain pair of pants for a more affordable look.

Dress simple yet original. Solid, natural colors and plain patterns tend to impress most administrative staff who likely will interview you.

Wear fitted clothing. Avoid tight-fitting or baggy shirts and bottoms.

Cover yourself. Ladies, avoid showing your midriff, cleavage or too much leg. Both men and women should avoid showing off tattoos and odd piercings.

Avoid too many accessories. Keep the amount of jewelry and makeup simple, ladies. Men, wear only a watch.

Bring a day timer and/or briefcase if you can. A day timer or calendar will show you are organized, and a briefcase with paper and pen will prepare you for any notes and paperwork. You can also carry your resume in the briefcase.

Pay attention to your feet. Wear closed-toed, dress shoes in neutral colors. Clean off any scratches or dirt.

Keep your hair clean. Keep your hair out of your face and clean cut. Men, shorter hair is preferred by most employers.