How to Get an Oily Gel Spot Out of a Nylon Jacket


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Any number of everyday health and beauty products have an oily, gel consistency that can easily stain your clothing. A blob of sunscreen or dribble of hair product can leave behind an unsightly stain on a nylon coat. Before tossing the nylon coat into the washing machine, pretreat the oily gel spot to keep it from becoming permanent.

Lay the garment on a flat surface. Place a piece of paper towel under the stained area to prevent any bleeding. Work 1 tablespoon of liquid laundry detergent into the stain with a soft-bristled brush. Allow the soap to absorb into the stain for five minutes.

Rinse the liquid laundry soap from the stain. If it persists, create a mixture of 1/2 gallon of lukewarm water and 1/4 cup of oxygen bleach powder. Stir the water until the powder is completely dissolved.

Dip the corner of a white washcloth or a clean soft-bristled brush into the oxygen bleach mixture. Work the oxygen bleach solution into the stain. Continue to work the product into the stain until it’s completely eliminated.

Launder the nylon coat according to the label’s directions. The University of Illinois Extension recommends laundering the coat in hot water, if advised by the label’s directions. Make sure that the water temperature does not exceed 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Any hotter, and you could damage the synthetic nylon fibers.