How to Oil a Norelco Electric Razor

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Philips Norelco razors provide convenience and a smooth shave when you need to shave on the go or without water. Unlike traditional razors, they are also unlikely to cut or injure you during use. They can be easily packed in suitcases without safety concerns and require little maintenance to operate dependably. Cleaning and oiling your razor once a week will keep it running smoothly and help it to give you the best shave possible.

Unplug your Norelco razor before cleaning and oiling it. Cleaning it while plugged in poses a safety hazard.

Brush the hair off the razor head using your razor brush. Use short, light strokes and the hair should come off very easily.

Pour alcohol on a cotton swab and apply it to the razor head. The alcohol will disinfect the unit and remove gunk, resulting in smoother operation.

Place one drop of mineral oil in the middle of the razor head. Plug in the unit and turn it on for two or three seconds to evenly distribute the oil. The mineral oil will help the unit to run smoothly when applied to a clean razor head. It will also help your Norelco razor to give you a clean shave without uncomfortable pulling.