How to Make Your Own Peanut Butter Stirrer

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Buying natural peanut butter is one way to make the change to eating healthier foods. When you purchase commercially produced natural peanut butter, rather than fresh ground such as at a co-op, there is often separation of the oil and peanut butter inside the jar. This oil needs to be mixed back in with your peanut butter before use. Using a homemade stirrer can make the job simpler and less strenuous.

Remove the lid from an old peanut butter jar. Place a ruler across the top of the lid to find the center. Mark a dot in the center of the lid with a permanent marker.

Drill a hole through the center of the lid where you marked it. Slip the stem of the hand mixer/beater through the hole from the underside of the lid upward.

Drill a hole an inch deep in the center of a wine cork. Fill the hole in the cork with a few drops of super glue. Push the cork onto the end of the hand mixer/beater and allow the glue to dry overnight.

Replace the current lid on your peanut butter with the stirrer to mix the peanut butter. Twist the beater by turning the cork. Raise and lower the beater to mix the peanut butter and oil back together.

Store the peanut butter with the stirrer lid on it, if desired, stirring each time you go to use the peanut butter. Thoroughly hand wash the stirrer between jars of peanut butter.