How to Make Streamers,,,

Streamers are fun for any celebration, such as birthday parties, holiday celebrations, baby and wedding showers, and graduation parties. There are multiple ways to make your own streamers and they can be done in a variety of colors, textures, sheens, and sizes. Streamers can be placed high or low, sitting still or free falling, or be used as a table decoration. The ways to use streamers is endless. It is all up to you and your imagination.

Cut and curl ribbed ribbon (the kind that goes around gifts and then gets curled with scissors). This is a fun and easy way to do streamers. Ribbed Ribbon can be purchased in a variety of colors and is extremely inexpensive. Cut the ribbon to your desired length. Using the sharp side of your scissors, curl the ribbon into tight or loose curls. Hang the ribbon streamers from the ceiling, or cut them up and scatter them all over the food table. They will add a lot of color to any plain white tablecloth.

Hang crepe paper all over the room. Hang it from corner to corner, from light fixture to light fixture. Crepe paper can also be wrapped around chair spindals and banisters. Crepe paper also comes in a variety of color and is very inexpensive.

Attach metallic streamers to a fan and watch them shine as they blow. You can also hang them in a doorway as a curtain. They do not tear as easily as crepe paper and therefore are more useful for these areas.

Drape colored pearls or beads from lamp shades, doorways, or from chandeliers. Pearls and beads are great for a celebration that is more formal and sophisticated, such as a bridal shower or an engagement party.