How to Make Perfume With Pumpkin & Lavender

by Melissa Reece

Constantly buying your own perfume can become expensive. With just a few ingredients, and a little bit of creativity you can make your own perfume for a relatively cheap price. Feel free to experiment with several scents and you will find yourself uniquely surprised with the outcome. Just a few basic steps and you will have a scent that is all your own. Most would be surprised at just how simple making a pumpkin and lavender perfume can be.

Items you will need

  • Jar
  • Essential Pumpkin Oil and essential lavender oil
  • 100 proof vodka
  • Spring water
  • Coffee filter
  • Spray bottle

Mix Your Ingredients

Step 1

Find a clean jar (with cover) to mix your ingredients.

Step 2

Add 20 drops of lavender and pumpkin oil (10 drops each) to the jar.

Step 3

Add 2 1/2 oz. of vodka to the pumpkin and lavender mixture.

Step 4

Put the cover on the jar and shake it. Place the jar in a cool, dark place such as a closet for 48 hours. Let it sit undisturbed.

Step 5

Add 2 tbsp. of distilled water to the mixture and let it sit for another 48 hours. Strain the mixture through a coffee filter and into a sanitized spray bottle of your choice.


  • If you feel the need, add more pumpkin or lavender oils to enhance a certain smell.

    You can recycle old perfume bottles for your new signature scent. Remember to make sure the bottle is clean before using it.

    If the scent is still a bit too strong add more water to dilute it to your liking.

    You can experiment with several other oils and be creative making several combinations other than this one.

    By using vegetable food dyes you can add color to your perfume.

    Buy oils by the pack to help save money.

    Some prefer to let the perfume sit for up to six weeks for a stronger smell.

    You can label the spray bottle with a special name for your perfume and give it away as a gift or keep it for yourself.


  • You may want to put down an old towel before making your perfume to protect your workspace from the essential oils.

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