How to Make Fruit Perfume


Making your own perfume is a fun way to create your own signature scent. Most scents in the store are easily recognizable and people will be able to tell what store you bought them at just by taking a whiff. By creating your own perfume, you will smell exactly like whatever it is you want to, without having to be tied down by a brand name. Follow the steps for a citrusy fruit perfume, and tweak the recipe for your very own signature scent.

Start by adding base of lemon essential oil into a small bowl. Add about 10 drops to start. If you'd like your perfume to be more lemony, you can always add more later.

Add about 5 drops each of tangerine and orange. If you'd like your perfume to be very sweet-smelling, add more tangerine. If you'd like it to be more earthy, add more orange. Mix well.

Add 8 drops of frankincense into the mixture, 2 drops of neroli and 1 drop of myrrh. These spices will give your perfume depth and earthiness.

Fine-tune your fragrance. If you feel it is too fruity, add more essential herb oils, like frankincense or myrrh. If you'd like your perfume to be fruitier, add a few more drops of orange, lemon or tangerine essential oils. Mix well.

When you are satisfied with your fragrance, add 11 milliliters of vodka. Vodka gives your fragrance an alcohol base and the scent should not take away from your fragrance.

Mix well and test a bit of the fragrance on your skin. Wait for it to dry and see if the smell is to your liking. If not, add some more fruit or herb essential oils.

When you are satisfied with your scent, pour into a small glass vial and enjoy the perfume every day.