Perfumes Similar to Angel

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Angel is a perfume created by Thierry Mugler. This warm fragrance features notes of vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood, topped by citrus and fruits, according to the experts at Finding a scent similar to this popular fragrance is possible for perfume lovers who dislike one of the notes that are used.

Tocca's Cleopatra

Tocca's Cleopatra is a perfect scent for women looking for a perfume with the rich patchouli and vanilla combination but prefer a cooler scent. According to, the citrus notes in Cleopatra come from grapefruit, offering a more intense citrus smell than Angel has. Sweet florals like white jasmine and tuberose balance the patchouli, and a cucumber top note keeps this scent refreshing and cool.

Calvin Klein Euphoria

Euphoria, a Calvin Klein fragrance, is complex. While it does not share many of the same notes that Angel uses, it is considered a woody oriental perfume as well. The base notes of liquid amber and cream combine to create a scent very similar to the vanilla and sandalwood combination found in the Angel perfume. Euphoria also contains fruit scents, according to the Calvin Klein website, reminiscent of the top notes in Thierry Mugler's signature scent.

Caroline Herrera 212 Sexy

Those who enjoy Angel perfume but would prefer a scent containing musk will enjoy the 212 Sexy fragrance by Caroline Herrera. The experts at Sephora say that this scent starts with a signature musk, and shares sandalwood in common with Angel perfume. This combination is lightened by the scent of cotton candy, tangerine and gardenia.

Stila's Creme Bouquet

Stila's Creme Bouquet smells warm but delicate. Like Angel, the Creme Bouquet fragrance contains vanilla, but pink lilac and lily of the valley makes this perfume a more floral alternative, says the Fragrantica website. This perfume would be more appropriate for younger women who might find the combination of sandalwood and patchouli overwhelming.