Difference Between Clover & Orange Blossom Honey

Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Or Hiltch

Of the more than 300 varieties of honey, clover and orange blossom are two of the most common. Clover honey comes from the nectar of the clover blossom, while orange blossoms are the source of orange-blossom honey.

Source Location

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Clover, which is related to alfalfa, is found throughout the United States, while orange blossoms can only be produced in semi-tropical climates, such as those found in California, Florida and Texas.


Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of B Balaji

The color of clover honey depends on the type of clover that generates the nectar and the geographical location of the plants. The final color can vary from clear white to light amber to amber. Orange blossom honey is generally light in color.


Orange-blossom honey is has a mild, fresh flavor with a light citrus taste. Clover honey is also mild in flavor, as well as in sweetness.


Thanks to their mildness, both clover and orange blossom honeys are considered to be "classic table honeys." They can be used in cooking and can be used to sweeten drinks, cereals, breads and other foods.

Clover Varieties

There are a number of clover honey varieties, including Red Clover, Sweet Clover, White Dutch Clover and White Sweet Clover.

Other Varieties

Some varieties of honey have strong, rich flavors and dark colors. Examples include avocado honey, buckwheat honey and eucalyptus honey.