Tanqueray Gin Ingredients

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Gin originated in 16th-century Holland. The first gin distilleries opened in London in the 17th century, and the low price of this liquor meant that it was a popular drink among the poor, originally tarnishing the drink’s reputation. Nowadays, brands such as Tanqueray win awards for their gin production. Only three master distillers know the exact ingredients for making Tanqueray gin.


Juniper berries are the key ingredient to making gin, giving the drink its distinctive aroma. The word "juniper" derives from the Dutch “genever,” where the name “gin” comes from. These dark berries take two years to mature, and Tanqueray harvests theirs from the Tuscan mountains. Juniper berries are considered a diuretic in medicine.


Another common ingredient in gin-making, angelica has a sweet flavor and an aroma similar to aniseed and parsley, which combines well with juniper. Tanqueray uses the roots of the plant; Germany is the source for Tanqueray's angelica. Angelica root has medicinal properties as a stimulant, and some people use it as a natural remedy for coughs, colds, rheumatism and colic.


Tanqueray gin derives its citrusy aroma from coriander seeds that come from Russia. Once picked, the seeds are left to mature till they develop a lemony smell. Tanqueray maintains that Russian coriander has the best flavor and fragrance for its product.