How to Make Lavender Mist Spray


Ekaterina Vasileva/iStock/Getty Images

Lavender is one gentle little powerhouse of a plant. It soothes frazzled nerves, encourages sleep, eases minor aches and pains and, on top of everything else, smells wonderful. In a high-stress world, a homemade lavender mist is like happiness in a bottle. Spray it into the air for a relaxing, soft scent, or spritz it on your sheets at night to fall asleep fast -- you might even dream about strolling through the French countryside.

Unscrew the lid and set the funnel in the mouth of the bottle.

Pour the alcohol into the funnel. Add 15-20 drops of lavender essential oil -- the more drops, the stronger the spray. The alcohol helps disperse the lavender oil throughout the spray.

Mix distilled water into the alcohol and lavender solution. Distilled water will dilute the scent but won't alter it.

Shake the bottle lightly before use. Spray into the air or lightly on your clothing and bed linens. Squeeze in a few more drops of lavender if the scent is too weak, or add alcohol and water in equal parts if the lavender is too strong.