How to Make Maple Sugar

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Maple sugar comes directly from maple syrup. According to the website, "Maple sugar candy has a distinct flavor and is made by taking the sap from the maple tree and boiling off the excess water." Thus, the process really is that simple to create homemade maple sugar. You no longer have to purchase maple sugar online or only when you happen to be in parts of the country that are famous for maple syrup.

Pour the maple syrup into the pot. Allow it to boil until it reaches 252 to 257 degrees Farenheit. Remove from heat. At this point, some gray or brown foam may develop on the surface. Skim it off quickly with a spoon.

Stir the substance without stopping for approximately five minutes. Transfer the substance to a pan or wooden bowl and stir until the substance stops resembling a liquid and becomes grainy. Allow it to cool down completely. Once it does, you will now have just a hardened block of maple sugar.

Grate the hardened block of maple sugar down to a delicate powder by rubbing it vigorously against a grater. You now have fine powdered maple sugar.