How to Make a Spawn Costume

Spawn costume masks with light-up eyes are available for purchase online, but full Spawn costumes are hard to find. If you want to be Spawn, you may have to make your own Spawn costume. Making a Spawn costume is not the easiest costuming endeavor; you will need patience, time and money to complete this outfit.

Make a Spawn mask. Trace the shape of Spawn’s face designs onto white vinyl fabric that has a strong adhesive backing, and cut them out. Remove the back from the cutouts and press them onto a black face mask.

Make a shirt. Refer to photos of Spawn’s costume; there is a large white V pattern on each side of his chest. Cut these patterns out of white adhesive-backed vinyl, and press them to the shirt.

Begin a gauntlet and armband with red leather-like fabric or red leather. Cut the patterns out in advance and attach the spikes. Spikes for leatherworking are available online; one source is listed in the Resources section. Mark small Xs on the front and back of the leather where you want to place spikes, then use an awl to make a hole. Push the spike through from the back of the piece.

Finish the gauntlet and armband by gluing strips of foam padding to the inside of the leather and stitching the leather shut around it. Use the same process to make Spawn’s leg band. For ease of use, stitch on black elastic strips on the back side of these so you can stretch them to put on and take off.

Alter the red cape. Cut small holes in either side of the cape’s neck, and rim the holes with glue to prevent fraying. Place these at about your collarbones. Clip a length of chain link between the two sides of the cape, through the holes. Cut two of the skulls’ backs off, leaving a flat surface you can glue easily. Glue the skulls to the cape over the ends of the chain, covering the holes where it is attached.

Make a belt. Drill small holes in the sides of the third skull. Attach both ends of a waist-length piece of chain link to the skull on either side. For ease of removal, you may want to put a connector link somewhere in the belt.

Accessorize the rest of your homemade Spawn costume. Wrap another length of chain link around the opposite leg from the leg band, and add red gloves and black boots.