How to Make a Normal T-Shirt Look Dressy Images

Under normal circumstances, most likely wouldn’t consider a T-shirt a dressy item. However, with the right accessories, you can make a T-shirt part of a fancy outfit that will boost your confidence and make you look fashionable. Dressy outfits don’t have to be expensive to look nice. The key is in offsetting the T-shirt with fancier clothes so that it blends in as part of the outfit. There are certain tips and tricks you can use to make your T-shirt look dressy.

Ensure that your T-shirt is clean and free of wrinkles. Spray a light layer of starch on the T-shirt before you put it on. This will make the material straight and keep the wrinkles at bay.

Tuck the T-shirt into your pants or skirt. The way the shirt is tucked makes it look dressier.

Add accessories to your outfit. Wear items such as necklaces, earrings or scarves to add flair and make the whole outfit look more formal.

Wear dress shoes with your outfit. Shoes such as heels, loafers or dark shoes add an element to the entire outfit that makes it look fancier.

Put a dress jacket on over the T-shirt. The jacket makes the T-shirt look like a natural part of the dressier ensemble. Add a pair of slacks that matches the jacket to make the overall look more upscale.