How to Make a Disposable Razor Last a Long Time

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Disposable razors are moderately expensive items that many people dread buying. Although most such razors work with reasonable efficiency, they are not designed for long-term use, so they wear out quickly. Some people have purchased gimmick devices to make their disposable razors like new again, only to find they do not work. With some attention to the care of a disposable razor, however, you may be able to make them last beyond their life expectancy.

Buy a good quality disposable razor. As of the date of publication, you may purchase disposable razors with one, two, three or four blades.

Make multiple small strokes instead of heavy, long strokes. Each stroke should move no more than one-half inch on your face or legs.

Rinse the blade or blades thoroughly with hot water every three to five strokes.

Scrub the blade or blades with a toothbrush to remove the accumulation of whiskers or leg hair, skin and soap.