How to Make a Bracelet Helper

Putting on a bracelet and clasping it without someone else's help can be a frustrating experience, especially if the clasp is a complicated one. However, you can make a bracelet helper with relatively little effort and a few basic household items. The helper simply becomes a third hand, holding the clasp in place while you secure it.

Remove the holding screw on the bottom of the alligator clip and discard it. Insert the small tapered end of the chop stick into the round hole at the back end of the clip and push it into the opening. Force the end of the chop stick as far into the alligator clip as it will go.

Apply craft epoxy to the chop stick where it meets the alligator clip. Allow 15 minutes to dry.

Push open the alligator clip with your thumb and insert the clasp end of a bracelet so the clip grasps it at point where the clasp is attached to the bracelet. Hold one hand out, palm up, and hold the upper part of the chop stick between the thumb and forefinger of the same hand so the clip and clasp lie against the inside of your wrist.

Let the loose end of the bracelet dangle over the outside of your upturned wrist. With your free hand, reach under your wrist and bring the loose end around and over so that it meets the clasp. Fasten the clasp with your free hand.