How to Lower a Boot Heel

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For a comfortable stride when walking, your boot heels must both have the same height. When you damage one of your boots, fixing the heel height is necessary. Manufacturers create shoes based on the ratio of heel to the shoe, which ensures a comfortable fit. Changing the height of your boot heels is extremely difficult and it might change the way the boots fit your feet.

Measure one heel if the boots have uneven heels. If you plan on changing the height of both heels, then measure the boots and mark the new height. Run a utility knife through the top layer of the boot, marking the new height.

Lay the boot on a table or counter and hang the heel over the side. Set a heavy book or another large object on top of the boot, which keeps it from moving or sliding around.

Cover your eyes with safety goggles and move the electric saw towards the boot. Keep one hand on the boot as you push the saw down. Slowly work the saw through the layers of the boot heel and repeat with the opposite boot, if adjusting both.

Turn the boot over with the heel facing up. Gently run the sandpaper over the heel, rubbing off any bits still clinging to the heel. Sand down the other boot heel.

Wear the shoes and take a walk around your house. Compare the feel of the new heel height against the original feel of the boots. Sand down the heels or the sole of the boot for a better and more comfortable fit.