How to Host a Christmas in July Party

How to Host a Christmas in July Party. Although Christmas in July is not an official holiday, it can be a fun occasion for a party. If you have grown tired of picnics at the beach and fireworks at dusk, this may be the celebration for you. A Christmas in July party can also give you an opportunity to release your inner Santa Claus and think cool, wintry thoughts in the middle of hot summer days.

Write your guest list. Pick a date and send invitations to your relaxed, fun-loving friends and family members who are willing to play with tradition. Inviting at least eight people will ensure you have plenty of conversation and laughter at your party.

Plan and prepare the food. While you could serve traditional Christmas food, you may want to try lighter fare for your summertime Christmas celebration. Try wine coolers instead of mulled wine, star fruit instead of star cookies and barbecued turkey dogs instead of roast goose.

Decorate with a mix of traditional Christmas and non-traditional Christmas items. Twinkling white lights are always appropriate and look lovely with a Christmas garland made by tying wrapped candies to red ribbon. Red and white striped table linens will add a Christmas touch to your party. Use red and white flowers for your centerpieces with lots of greenery and add twinkling candles to increase the festive feeling.

Prepare Christmas in July party favors for your guests to take home. Stuff miniature Christmas stockings with sunglasses and lotion or fill a small beach bucket with Christmas candies, ornaments and candles.

Organize a few games. Play limbo or have each guest bring an inexpensive gift and have a gift exchange.