How to Hire a Celebrity for a Sweet 16

by Barbie Carpenter

Many of today's Sweet 16 parties are more than birthday cakes and balloons. Sweet 16 parties can turn into elaborate celebrations for teens who want to impress their peers and parents who want to satisfy their teen's dreams. One way to make a Sweet 16 party memorable is to hire a celebrity guest, whether it's the 16-year-old's favorite actor to say "Happy Birthday" or a band to perform during the party. Securing a celebrity for a Sweet 16 requires a bit of work as well as a financial commitment.

Step 1

Identify celebrities that will satisfy your 16-year-old. There is no guarantee that a celebrity will be willing to perform at the Sweet 16, and even if he can perform, his busy schedule might not allow it. So, have a few desired celebrities on your list so that you can find one willing to attend. If you want to surprise your teen with a celebrity, think about the music she listens to and the movies and TV shows she watches to identify a suitable celebrity guest.

Step 2

Set your budget. Having a celebrity attend a Sweet 16 party does not come without expense. Decide how much money you are willing to pay for a celebrity guest. A local band that your son loves will have a lower appearance fee than a big-name Hollywood celebrity. Keep your expectations realistic based on your budget.

Step 3

Contact the celebrity's agent to inquire about her availability. Research the celebrity's talent agency online. Top Hollywood agencies, including the Creative Artists Agency and the William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, represent many celebrities, so those agencies are a good place to start. (See Resource 1 and 2) Find contact information on the agency's website to reach out to the celebrity's agent.

Step 4

Present your offer to the celebrity's agent. Give the date and time of the Sweet 16 as well as specifics about what you would like the celebrity to do, whether it's simply to walk onstage and wish the celebrant a happy birthday or sing a song. Ask about the appearance fee as well.


  • Local celebrities don't always have agents, so you might be able to reach out to them directly. For example, a local band might have a MySpace page where you can send them a message about performing at the Sweet 16. If you cannot find a celebrity's agent, try contacting the celebrity directly through social media. Many celebrities use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and you can inquire about their availability through those mediums.

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