How to Have a Fun and Romantic Las Vegas Wedding on a Budget

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Getting married in Las Vegas can be a romantic and exciting experience even on a tight budget. You can have the beautiful gown, pictures, rings, limo and luxury suite without breaking the budget. Save money and get the best deals without compromising on the traditional details that make your wedding day special.

Plan your wedding for midweek, when room rates are cheaper than on weekends. Also, don't go to Las Vegas during a big convention or trade show. Room prices can be up to 10 times the regular rate during major conventions.

Check for hotel prices on the hotels' websites instead of on travel websites. The hotels usually advertise better rates as well as special deals. In addition, on the hotel websites you can search room rates by date, allowing you to see the least expensive days of each month. Consider whether staying at a casino hotel is important to you; while many offer special deals, expecting to recoup the money from gambling, you might also find a better deal at a regular hotel that isn't on the Strip.

Shop around for your wedding rings. Try consignment stores or online auction sites, which can offer much lower prices than department or jewelry stores.

Buy a gently used wedding dress from an online site or buy an off-the-rack dress at your local wedding dress warehouse. Some of the major wedding dress shops sell samples or dresses that are slightly irregular at prices up to 75 percent off full price. Another option is to rent the dress, which can get you an expensive designer gown for a modest price.

Buy a formal suit at a used clothing store or rent a tux on your wedding day. Some formal wear shops sell used tuxedos and suits at very low discounted prices.

Print your own wedding announcements or send out email announcements to friends and family.

Check the Internet for Las Vegas wedding package chapel deals. Many packages include photos, video, flowers and a limousine.

Get married at a freestanding or drive-through chapel instead of one inside a hotel or casino. The hotel chapels can cost as much as 10 times the price as an independent chapel for a similar package.

Bring your own food to the hotel instead of ordering room service for drinks and snacks. Visit the grocery store and fill your ice chest with champagne, beer, soda, fresh fruit, cut veggies, bagels, jam, cream cheese, crackers and snacks.

Take advantage of some special attractions in Las Vegas to have photos taken. For example, the fountains at the Bellagio would make a spectacular and romantic backdrop for wedding pictures.