How to Get a Thong for Men

More and more men are discovering the benefits of wearing a thong. While adjusting to thong style underwear or swim wear can take some time, many men swear thongs are more comfortable, less intrusive and offer better support than other types of undergarments. Read on to learn more.

Consider the advantages of wearing a thong as opposed to more traditional styles of male underwear. They don't leave visible underwear lines, don't "ride up" and don't take up much space when you have to travel.

Go with a name you trust. Well-known designers like Calvin Klein and Greg Parry now make thongs for men, from a variety of both natural and synthetic materials. For the beach, you should also remember that thong style swimsuits for men are also becoming more popular.

Spend some time investigating the various thong styles for men. O-ring, C-ring, G-string, ring thongs and zipper thongs are among the common designs. They feature various waistband thickness, skin coverage and cup styles.

Shop online. Via the Internet, you can access a world of options in thong prints, designs and fabrics with the added advantage of complete discretion and anonymity. However, it is highly recommended that you know your size rather than just take a guess when buying online--most men find they need a thong that's slightly bigger than regular underwear.

Get specialized attention by visiting a store that specializes in sexy underwear for both men and women. While it's generally true that thongs are more accessible to women, an increasing number of stores that feature racy items for both sexes are stocking a selection of thongs for men. Because male style thongs are a specialty item generally only available at select retailers, the in-store staff will have more precise knowledge as to what size thong you'll need to get.