How to Dress Techno

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Dress Techno. It's hip to be square - and comfy, too. Boys and girls alike can go geek chic by following these five easy steps.

Items you will need

  • Fashionable Shoes
  • Men's Dress Shirts
  • Men's Dress Shoes
  • Men's Dress Sweater
  • Mens' Dress Pants
  • Women's Casual Tops
  • Women's Causal Pants
  • Women's Dress Sweater
  • Women's Sandals
  • Body Shimmer
  • Cologne
  • Perfume
  • dresses and skirts
Step 1

Get glasses, whether you need them or not. They are the foundation of the geek chic look. Asymmetrical designs, colorful highlights, or yellow or blue lenses work well.

Step 2

Address your shoes. Clunky, platform or a slightly new-wave feeling still hits the spot. If they look a little like something Brian Setzer might wear, that's OK too. (There is a point at which rockabilly chic and geek chic intersect, and it's called the fat wingtip.) If you are going very high-tech, don pointy black boots or even nursey whites.

Step 3

If you're a girl, wear skirts that are either very long or very short and of a stiffer fabric to hold their shape, ideally resembling the letter A. Something padded or quilted is best of all.

Step 4

Choose lean pants and a minimalist tunic of white or gray, ideally in a microfiber with something interesting going on in the texture department. Brushed and coated cotton has a nice new-millennium feel. Wear this outfit with pointy boots.

Step 5

Add one bike messenger bag in a bold, attractive color combination. Sling jauntily across chest and you are ready to go public!


  • Extra credit: Choose an add-on pocket in the holster, shoulder strap or armband style. A dress made of plastic is a good fashion statement for geek chic. If you stuck to the clunky shoes, just add your favorite jeans, khakis or baggy trousers and you're on your way. Any vintage 1950s-style, short-sleeved shirt with a breast pocket will coordinate nicely. Feel free to add a pen, or, if you are very bold, a pocket protector and your favorite collection of pens. (See warning.)


  • Beware of crossing the line from geek chic to geek. Avoid this pitfall by opting for a hairstyle with style. Boys can accessorize with the soul patch or goatee. Bald is beautiful. Girls need a 'do - maybe even a splash of some primary color - and lipstick to be sure the statement is clear. Watch out for those nurse whites. All the designers love white everything lately, but it's hard to pull off without looking like a fashion victim. Avoid it entirely if you aren't a stick.