How to Dress Like a Communist

Whether you're in need of an unusual Halloween costume, or just looking for a way to impress the socialist woman in your life, you may need to know how to dress like a Communist. Of course, not all Communists dress exactly the same, but there are some similarities that you can play on to look your Socialist best. Just be aware that dressing like a Communist may bring you some negative attention from some.

Allow your facial hair to grow. A beard is your best option. You can maintain and trim it, but if you want to let it grow long and bushy, a la Marx, feel free to do so.

Throw on ill-fitting jeans or khaki pants. You're a Communist now, you don't have the inclination to buy pants that fit you well. Just as long as they cover you up they're doing their job just find.

Wear a plain, solid colored, button-down work shirt. Beige or dark blue are good color choices.

Don boots. They should look like you haven't cleaned them up since you bought them years ago.

Sport a plain, beat-up looking overcoat. It should be warm and practical, and not all that easy on the eyes.

Carry a prop. If you're looking to dress like a Communist for a Halloween party, an appropriate prop would be "The Communist Manifesto," by Karl Marx.