How to Dress for Success - Men

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If you're a man in workforce looking to succeed, look over your shoulder. Someone else wants the same success, and he knows how to dress the part. Give yourself every chance to succeed not only by preparing for the basics, but also by putting your best, most confident look forward.

Wear a suit in a conservative color, such as dark blue, gray or charcoal. Even if you are going on a job interview or meeting a potential client in a more casual environment, wearing a suit will make you look professional and confident. In some cases, wearing khaki pants that are clean, pressed and fit well is appropriate, but a suit is usually a safe bet.

Choose a solid, light-colored, long-sleeved shirt, even during the warmer months of the year. Avoid shirts and ties that are trendy or adhere to fashion extremes. A conservative look conveys a more professional look.

Nix the 5 o’clock shadow. Mustaches and beards should be neatly groomed and trimmed. Opt for a hairstyle that is both clean and neat, and avoid extreme styles such as spiked hair and colors.

Check for details. Make sure all clothing is clean, neat and pressed. Check for loose threads and missing buttons, and either have them fixed or replace the suit. Make sure your shoes are polished and free of scuff marks. Cover any tattoos and body piercings, and remove any earrings. Remember, a conservative look is a professional look.