How to Do Nubian Twists

Nubian twists are type of hair extension used on African American hair. These twists are a form of protective styling -- worn for a period of up to two months -- to protect the natural hair from the daily rigors of heat and chemical styling. While braiding Nubian twists into the hair is a time consuming task, the convenience they offer far outweigh the time investment. Learn how adding Nubian twist extensions to your hair can give you a look you can wear with pride.

Section off the natural hair with a wide-toothed comb from the forehead to the back of the neck, and from ear to ear. This makes it easy to form the twists in a neatly arranged pattern as you go. Using hair clips, clip each unused section of hair out of the way while not is use. The will make it easier for you as you are twisting each section.

Prepare the Nubian twist hair for use; using your hands to stretch it out from end to end. Stretching the hair in this manner causes it to take on a fluffy texture.

Separate a section of Nubian twist hair from the bulk of hair by your desired level thickness. The more hair you choose for each twist, the fuller and thicker the complete style will be.

Begin with one of the sections of natural hair at the back of the neck by parting the hair off into a square. Add a dollop of moisturizer to the square section of hair, thoroughly rubbing it in. In addition to moisturizing the natural hair, this also allows for ease of twisting as you add the Nubian twist hair, resulting in neater looking twists.

Add the Nubian twist hair to the natural hair by braiding them together half an inch at the root to secure it. Next, transition from a three-strand braid into a two-strand twist, as you continue to twist Nubian hair into the natural hair. Create a twisting pattern, by wrapping the left strand of hair over the right strand. Continue this method all the way down to the end of the hair to completes one Nubian twist.

Repeat this process for each twist until all the natural hair has been twisted with Nubian twists. The twists will have a springy feel to them when you pull one and let it go. This springy feeling is a characteristic of Nubian twists.