How to Decorate for a Saloon Party


There is nothing more festive than a party with a well-done theme. If you're planning a saloon party, you're going to want decorations that add to the celebratory mood and help to re-construct a bit of the Wild West. Here are some guidelines to help you create an atmosphere that assures you won't have any strays from your herd of friends.

Welcome your guests and let them know they are at the right place by decorating the entrance. Buy or make a burnt wood sign bearing the name of your saloon to hang above or on the door to your home. Run cactus or cowboy boot lights around the doorway.

Cover the walls with murals (see Resources). Paper murals can be used to replicate the interior of a Wild West saloon by temporarily attaching them to the surface of your walls. When the party is over, they are easily removed and can be stored for future use.

Create comical "Wanted Dead or Alive" posters of expected party guests using Photoshop or by sketching on parchment paper. Use a paper punch and smudged charcoal to create burnt edges and bullet holes.

Make cowboy cut-outs on large pieces of cardboard. Paint them black and place the silhouettes around the room--leaning against the wall, slouching near the doorway or even peering in the window.

Hang swinging saloon door curtains over the bathroom door and add an outhouse sign.

Fold bandannas diagonally, creating triangles. Tie them together, end to end, to make a colorful, saloon-themed garland.

Place a bandanna in the center of the table. Inflate a dozen cow print balloons and tie them together with curling ribbon. Anchor the ribbons with a cowboy boot or cactus candle.

Make shimmering horseshoes from cardboard, glue and gold glitter to hang from the ceiling.

Borrow a saddle and place it over a bale of straw and hang a plastic six shooter in a holster over the saddle horn.

Use clothes line to create lassos to hang along the walls.

Serve drinks and small snacks (like peanuts) in cowboy boot mugs or Mason jar mugs that your guests can take home as party favors