How to Create an Invisible Part Sew-in Weave

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Creating an invisible part with a sew-in weave is a great way to get that natural look. Wearing hair extensions with an invisible part is also a great protective style, because your natural hair does not have to be left out to cover the extensions. Therefore, there will not be any need to use any hot irons or curlers on your natural hair. Prolonged use of these items can damage your hair and burn your scalp, which is bad if you want to maintain the healthiness of your hair.

Make an Invisible Part Sew-In Weave

Wash and dry your natural hair. Looking in a mirror, part the front of your hair accordingly to your style of choice. For example, if you want a part down the middle, then make your part as close to the middle as possible, however if you want your part slanted or on the side, then part it that way. This part will be the only part of your hair showing, so make it neat.

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Braid your hair going toward the back in cornrows. Start in the front where you made your part. Continue all the way until your whole head is completely braided. Thread the weaving needle and attach the loose ends of the cornrows to the base of your braid using a basic stitch sewing method. There should be no ends of the braids hanging.

Sew in your hair extensions by measuring the hair extension across the rows of braids. Cut the extension to fit that area. Hold the extension with your non-dominant hand and begin sewing the hair unto the braid using the basic stitch method with your dominant hand. Once you reach the end, make a loop in the thread to form a knot. Continue this process all the way up until you have no cornrows showing.

Apply holding gel to the portion of your hair that is showing around the part. Using a blow dryer, dry that area completely. For extra protection, spray the area with holding spray and allow to dry. The products in styling gels and holding sprays protect your hair from becoming damaged from the weaving glue.

Cut the remaining hair extensions into approximately thirty 1-inch strips. Depending upon the size of your head you may need more or less. Taking one strip of extension at a time, lightly cover the weft with weaving glue. Wait 10 seconds to allow the glue to become tacky. Starting ½ inch above your hairline, firmly lay the extension on top of the natural hair, that is surrounding the part in your hair that will remain visible. Lie the extension pieces in a slightly slanted side-to-side formation. Do not cover the part; the part is the only area that should remain visible. Each strip should go directly above the other one in the same direction. Continue this process on both sides of the part. Comb the hair down to cover the wefts. It should appear that the hair is growing out of your scalp, thus creating an invisible part.