How to Compare Braun Shavers

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Braun shavers were originally designed for hospitals to safely shave patients prior to surgery but their use quickly became marketable to the public at large and men in particular as a way of safely shaving their faces each day. Braun is the leading foil shaver on the market today. A foil shaver consists of a cutting head which oscillates beneath the foil cover. Small and large perforations in the foil allow whiskers in to the level of the skin where they are safely cut.

Five Levels of Braun Shaving

Braun offers a variety of foil shavers to meet any man's needs. These range from the compact and single cutting head of the Mobile shaver to the expensive triple cutting head of the Series 7 shaver.

Braun Mobile Shave

A compact, single foil shaver operates on two AA batteries. The Mobile shave is easy to use while traveling or as a backup shaver for the office if you need a quick shave before dinner or a ball game.

Braun Series 1

The Series 1 from Braun is an economical entry level foil shaver. Rechargeable and simple to use, this shaver is for the younger man just starting to shave or as the Braun to buy if you're thinking about switching to a foil shaver.

Braun Series 3

Not yet a mid-level shaver but close. The Braun Series 3 has three cutting heads and the foil moves to meet the outline of your face. This system also comes with the new Braun cleaning system. After a shave, place the shaver in the system and a Braun cleaning solution does the rest for you.

Braun Series 5

The Braun Series 5 is a clear step up in design and quality from its little brothers. The Series 5 has the same triple foil shaving qualities of the Series 3 but with a stronger battery, larger cutting surface and a more ergonomically designed shape.

Braun Series 7

Formerly known as the Braun Pulsonic, the Braun Series 7 offers the ultimate in foil shaving. Here, you find the same triple foil, floating head system of the Series 3 and Series 5 but with added pulse vibrations to raise the whiskers into the foil. This has the effect of massaging and relaxing the skin. This model also comes with a cleaning system just as with the Series 3 and Series 5, but can be purchased without it for substantial cost savings.