How to Celebrate Valentine's Day Without Spending Money

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Don't let finances stop you from having a romantic Valentine's Day with your love. With proper planning, an inexpensive yet meaningful celebration is within your means. Be inventive, and focus your intentions on showing your Valentine how you feel with truly romantic gestures and not just materialistic gifts.

Homemade Gifts

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Show your Valentine that you care by putting your time and energy into making something special as a gift. If you are artistic, paint or sculpt a representation of your feelings. If you are musical, write a song or make either a mix CD or an MP3 playlist of love songs. Write a love letter or put together a scrapbook of all the highlights of your relationship. Knit or sew a special piece. If it is time to take the next step in your relationship, give a key to your apartment or house in a homemade card.

Dinner at Home

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Prepare a romantic dinner at home for your Valentine by cooking a favorite meal. Decorate with flowers, candles and Valentine's Day themed items. Serve your love's favorite wine or drink, and play romantic music and make it clear that the meal is all about your Valentine. If you are not skilled in the kitchen, study up and practice making that favorite meal ahead of time, so that it comes out perfect on Valentine's Day. If all else fails, you can also cut much of the expense of dining out with take-out. You will still save on tipping and drinks by serving the meal at home. If you go that route, order at least a week ahead of time; Valentine's Day is a busy night for restaurants.

Inexpensive Dates

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Depending on where you live and the weather, you can plan inexpensive dates like ice-skating, snow-shoeing or just taking a romantic walk in the park. If you live in a warmer climate, plan a picnic or look for a free outdoor concert to attend. If your Valentine loves animals, go on a date to the zoo. Look at the television listings to see if a free show is on that your Valentine would enjoy.

Pamper Each Other

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Put financial and work stress behind you and use your Valentine's Day to pamper each other at home. Turn your living room into a massage studio by dimming the lights and playing relaxing music while you rub your partner's stresses away. Serve champagne as you soak and massage your Valentine's feet. Take a hot candlelit bubble-bath together.