How to Be Classically Beautiful

Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images/Getty Images

While true beauty comes from within, there are a few tips and tricks that can add to an outward glow. Each woman's skin, hair, and style differ, yet certain tried and true practices have survived generations due to broad applications. These good habits can enhance natural beauty and create a classic look that endures for years to come. Most important is to work with what is there. Embracing natural features instead of fighting them is key. A dedicated beauty regimen, minimal make-up, carefully styled hair, and sophisticated fashion can craft a classically beautiful look for any woman.

The Beauty Regimen

Dedication to a simple beauty regimen only takes a matter of weeks to reveal brighter, more beautiful skin. The best practice in creating beautiful skin is staying hydrated. Drinking water throughout the day replenishes skin from the inside out and is responsible for that dewy glow. Another important beauty rule is to always wash and moisturize the face before bed each night. Leaving make-up or dirt from the day on skin overnight causes dulling, breakouts, and the increased temptation to cake on make-up. Keeping skin clean and applying moisturizer before bed leaves a fresh canvas for the next morning.

Natural Make-Up

Cosmetics are actually made to enhance features -- not cover them up. Make-up should play up a woman's best features, whether they are eyes, lips or cheeks. When too much make-up is applied, the focus becomes the cosmetics rather than beautiful facial features. Subtle and natural make-up application allows classic beauty to shine through. Ladies with luscious lips should opt for a bold lip color, like berry pink or classic bright red to make that feature the focal point of the face. Adding heavy eyeshadow and blush will only serve as a distraction. When it comes to classic beauty, less is more.

Effortless Hair

Using the proper hair products and avoiding damage can ensure hair is healthy and beautiful. The more hair is blow-dried, straightened, and curled, the more damage it endures. Minimize heat styling by letting hair dry in the desired look. Instead of using a curling iron, set damp hair in Velcro or foam rollers and let it dry overnight. Apply a smoothing creme or hair oil in the morning for that classic curled look without the damage. Not only does over-styling decrease hair health over the years, but can also take away from timeless beauty. Invest in a haircut that frames the face and works with your hair's natural texture. Layered cuts add volume to straight hair, and longer length complements curls.

Subtle Style

An elegant and sophisticated fashion sense never goes out of style. Closet staples like the little black dress paired with a classic pump enhance, rather than detract from natural beauty. Clothing in neutral hues like black, white, khaki and navy blue complement every skin tone. Properly tailored clothing that fits well is the most important element of classic style. Ill-fitting apparel will not look good, no matter how fabulous the garment may be. Keeping that little black cocktail dress, a sleek black trouser, tailored white button-down shirt, and fitted blazer on hand is essential. These pieces complement any figure so classic beauty is the real focus.