How to Blow Dry Layered Hair


Layered hair often looks great upon first leaving your hairdresser but can be hard to manage and maintain once you get home, take a shower, and are left to your own devices; if your hair is curly or wavy, it can be even more difficult. Learn how to use your blow dryer to easily achieve great hair, even for abundant layers.

Apply straightening product to wet hair and comb through slowly from the ends upward. Make sure the product is evenly distributed. Separate the lowest layer of hair, about 1/2-inch thick (up to 1 inch). Pull the remaining hair up into a clip or hair tie, leaving the bottom portion of your hair hanging free.

Use a medium-high heat setting on your blow dryer and your flat brush to dry the first layer of hair. Hold the blow dryer far enough from the hair not to burn, but be sure to get the dryer close enough to heat mold your hair straight along the line of the flat brush.

Keep the hair taught with the brush as you work the dryer from the top down. Angle the dryer downward along the hair instead of perpendicularly to it. Beginning with the front sections is a good idea because layered hair might dry faster than the back, and if your hair is curly or wavy, straightness will be harder to achieve.

Work around the complete bottom layer of hair until the bottom of your hair is dry and straight; work up through the different layers. Change the heat setting to cool, and brush through the dried hair with the flat brush. Feel your hair for wet spots and restraighten these portions on the heat dry setting until you have a completely straight bottom layer.

Pull down a layer 1/2- to 1-inch thick above your dry layer and repeat the process described above. As you near the top of your head, you might want to form your part or blow dry the layers framing your face separately and before the corresponding back portions. Use hairspray to hold your part or tame fly-aways.