How to Style Synthetic Hair

Made from various synthetic fibers, synthetic hair can be added to natural hair as extensions or weaves. While some stylists prefer using human hair extensions, synthetic hair pieces can look just as good and are much more affordable. If you care for your synthetic hair properly, it lasts longer, however, it does not generally last as long as human hair. Since synthetic hair possesses a different texture than human hair, it’s important to know how to properly style it.

Run your fingers through the synthetic hair. Your fingers should tousle the individual hair strands to make them look more natural.

Smooth and detangle your synthetic hair with a wig brush. Regular hair brushes should not be used on synthetic hair. They may break or damage the strands.

Apply a leave-in conditioner designed for synthetic hair. This helps to smooth the strands, resulting in an even and healthy appearance. Most synthetic hair conditioners come in a spray form which you can mist over the hair.

Put small amounts of hair spray or gel on the hair to style it. Since styling products can weigh synthetic hair down more than natural hair, use them sparingly. A tiny amount can go a long way to keeping synthetic hair in place.

Boil a pot of hot water and hold your synthetic hair over the pot. The steam will make the hair more pliable, allowing you to style it more easily. This is the only method you should use to straighten or curl synthetic hair. Heated appliances such as blow dryers, curling irons and straightening irons will seriously damage or break synthetic hair. When treated with traditional heated appliances, synthetic hair ends up looking frayed and frazzled.

Use your fingers as your main styling tools. Since only certain brushes and combs can be used on synthetic hair, your best bet is to use your fingers to style it. Separate curls with your fingers for a fuller look, or twist hair with your fingers to smooth out frizz.