How to Avoid Pitting T-Shirts With Sweat Stains

How to Avoid Pitting T-Shirts With Sweat Stains. Ever been afraid to lift your arms up high because of nasty sweat stains? You're not alone; it's happened to the best armpits. Here are a few suggestions to help you stay dry and avoid pitting your t-shirts with sweat stains.

Apply an antiperspirant in the morning before putting on your t-shirt. Whereas a deodorant just covers up the smell of sweat, an antiperspirant helps to eliminate wetness by blocking the sweat glands

Attach a dress shield to the underarm of your t-shirt. These absorb the sweat that may escape the antiperspirant barrier and protect the t-shirt from sweat soaking into the material.

Shave those pits! While this is common for most women, it is not the norm for men. However, if you are male, you might try trimming those underarm hairs and no one will be the wiser.

Wear a tank top underneath. Cotton tanks are available for both men and women and can provide an added layer of protection against pitting.

Relax and take it easy. Try not to exert yourself too strenuously in your activities. When sitting down, try and drape your arms over the top of the chair or rest them on an armrest so as to allow a little air to circulate through the t-shirt.