How to Adjust an Oyster Clasp

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Rolex watches represent style and elegance with just a touch of ruggedness thrown in. These highly prized watches' durability and craftsmanship turn them into investments as well as fashion statements. The Oyster line of Rolex watches comes with and without the diver's extension. Those Rolex Oyster watches with the diver's extension, known as Submariners, have a snap-out extension that allows them to be worn over diving suits.

Flip over the watch and open the clasp.

Look inside the clasp and find the circle embossed on one of the links if you have the Submariner version of the Oyster Rolex watch. Press down on the circle with your thumb until you hear a click and have released the divers extension of the band. If you do not have the Submariner version, you can skip this step.

Turn the watchband so you can look at the side of the clasp and locate the holes on the side of the clasp. Determine which hole the pin occupies and decide which hole to move it to. Each hole represents ½-band link.

Blunt one end of the toothpick slightly by tapping lightly on a hard surface.

Press down on the pin through the hole in the side of the clasp with the blunt end of the toothpick. Slide the pin over one to two holes, align it with the new hole and ensure the pin pops back into the new hole.

Flip over the clasp and repeat on the other side.

Fold the divers extension back into place on the Submariner version and press against the inside of the clamp to lock. If you do not have the Submariner version skip to the next step.

Try on the watch. If it's still too tight or loose, repeat the procedure until it is comfortable.