How Often Should You Straighten Your Hair?

Flat ironing hair has become a core staple in the styling world and people are using flat irons not only to tame unruly hair, but also to create sleek styles in a matter of minutes. However, flat ironing presses heat directly upon the hair shaft, which causes hair to become dried out and damaged. Therefore, it is important to know how often you should straighten your hair using this process.

How Often

Due to its quick results, people are no longer using the flat iron just for special occasions, but sometimes as part of their daily routine. While this may be a difficult habit to give up, it would benefit you to do so because of the damage caused by excessive heat styling. To avoid extreme damage to your hair, limit the flat ironing to at least every other day, or longer if you can.


While you may find metal flat irons available for a much cheaper price, make the investment in a ceramic flat iron because they are less damaging. It is important to remember that even ceramic irons apply high amounts of heat that can damage the bonds of the hair, as well as its elasticity, causing breakage and split ends.

Products Needed

Be sure to apply a good leave-in conditioner to hair after towel drying to help seal in moisture before heat styling. It is important to have heat protectant sprays and to spray each section before you apply the flat iron to your hair. Also, be sure to have a finishing gloss or pomade that adds a bit of softness and sheen to the hair. Avoid products with alcohol since they dry hair out.

Right Method

Hair must be completely dry before applying the flat iron; otherwise it can burn hair shaft. Be sure to brush dry hair, so it is free of tangles. Then, section hair off into small one inch pieces or less and comb through and spray with a light mist of heat protectant spray. Use your comb to pull hair straight out and away from your head, rather than downward, and follow with the flat iron. Don’t hold the flat iron in any one place too long; instead, use a slow and steady controlled motion to move the flat iron from root to tip. This way you won't have to go over the same section repeatedly to create a straight look.


By conditioning hair every time you wash and using a leave in conditioner, you can minimize the damage caused by heat styling. Also, be sure to protect your hair from other elements such as the sun and tanning beds. In addition, to keep hair healthy, have it trimmed regularly to prevent any breakage from moving up the hair shaft.


Diet also plays a large role in the health of your hair. Not only should you condition your hair from the outside, but you should eat a diet rich in vitamins, particularly vitamin B, to ensure healthy locks. Eating lean proteins along with fruits and vegetables will reflect positively not only on your body, but your hair as well.

Make it Last

Once you have flat ironed your hair, use a few tips and tricks to make the straight style last. To make the look last an extra day, apply either dry shampoo to the roots, or a bit of baby powder, to absorb any excess natural oils from the scalp. Then you can decide to wear hair as is, with a head band or pulled back into a sleek ponytail or bun.