How Are You Supposed to Wear Ankle Bracelets?

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Ankle bracelets, or anklets, are a trendy type of jewelry worn as accent pieces to enhance your legs and outfit. They come in various styles and sizes which highlight both your femininity and personality. Be sure to find one that is comfortable and suitable for any social event you may be attending.

Ankle Requirements

Your bracelet should sit and feel comfortable resting just below the ankle bone. It is your choice of whether to wear the bracelet on one or both ankles. Most women tend to wear it on one ankle. Another option you have is wearing it on the right or left ankle. In the United States, there are no "rules" regarding this matter. Other countries have traditions regarding wearing an ankle bracelet on the right or left based on relationship status, to show whether a woman is married or single.

Types of Bracelets

You can choose ankle bracelets in a variety of colors and styles. Some are made of single or double strands. Others are accentuated with beads, pearls, gemstones, charms, tassels or customized initials. If you have thick ankles, choose bracelets with a double strand and larger embellishments so it can be seen. Those with slim ankles can wear bracelets of a single strand and smaller charms, beads or stones. Be sure the bracelet is comfortable to move around with. Most anklets are made to fit any size, and have an extra set of links. To be sure the size is accurate, measure your ankle before purchasing a bracelet.

When to Wear

You want to make sure the ankle bracelet will be seen. This is why most ankle bracelets are worn during the summer with shorts, skirts, capri pants or bathing suits. Add flair to a sporty outfit and wear an anklet with a low-cut sneaker. A dressy anklet with gemstones or pearls is suitable for a formal occasion such as a wedding or cocktail party. Stars have even worn anklets on the red carpet. You may also wear an ankle bracelet on the beach, running errands or shopping. Choose one with a charm or tassel to add a playful touch to your swimsuit or outfit.


When wearing this type of jewelry the eyes are drawn to the legs and the ankle. Be sure the entire area is well-moisturized. Use a generous amount of lotion or body oil and massage into your skin. Once hydrated, fasten the ankle bracelet. When wearing an anklet, avoid wearing a shoe with an ankle strap, as it may rub against the skin, causing dryness -- an ankle strap would also hide the beauty of the ankle bracelet.